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Based on our solid PassportGOLD® and PassportXchange™ translation engines, DSR now provides a solid, proven translation system for our customers who prefer the actual work to run on their Linux-based systems.

Passport®/Linux offers the translation engine in binary form for Linux, plus our proven, easy to use Windows-based mapping software.

This merging of operating systems allows the translation process to utilize all the power and speed that Linux offers, while still allowing the mapping to be done in a user-friendly, intuitive graphical interface.

Once the maps are built and placed on the Linux system, translation is a stand-alone process.

  • Passport®/Linux will translate from EDI to Flatfile or Flatfile to EDI.
  • Programmers and specialized software are not needed to make it work!
  • Set up time for translation takes only minutes, as opposed to days like most competitor packages.

System Requirements

Linux Translator
  • The Linux translator is designed to work on any linux system with glibc-2.1 or higher installed.
  • The Linux translator does not require Windows, so the full power of the operating system is available for translation.
  • The Linux translator does not include any pre-packaged communication packages; the operating system itself supports multiple options.
Windows Mapper
  • The Windows Mapper is designed to work on any currently supported version of Windows.
  • Depending upon your install of the Linux translator binary, you will need to establish a way to move the mapper files to the Linux system.

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