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PassportXchange™ is a solid, proven software system which adds the latest in EDI and IT technology and is based on our PassportGOLDĀ® translation package used in thousands of locations. It can translate and convert data to and from many different formats, including EDI files, ODBC and flatfiles, without the need of programmers or specialized software! Set up time for translation takes only minutes, as opposed to days like most competitor packages.


  • High-performance technology at an affordable price
  • Substantial labor savings compared to many other EDI translators
  • Can be run by non-IT office staff
  • Ability to create unlimited EDI transaction formats
  • DSR can provide mapping and other customized programming services for any EDI transaction format.
  • Cross-reference capability for customer, partner, manufacturer part numbers or any item requiring a conversion from one value to another during translation
  • Fast translations
  • Supports all industry standards based on ANSIx12


  • Help Desk availability
  • Menu-driven operations
  • Point-and-click mapping module included
  • X12 standards and documents included with system
  • Most Internet and VAN-based communications supported
  • Complete audit reporting
  • Electronic Commerce Online screens for data entry or review (additional cost option available for Windows version only)
  • Customized reporting and mapping services available at extra charge from DSR (all additional customized reports and screens are available for redistribution)
  • Unlimited distribution to trading partners (redistribution fees apply)
  • Offsite backup capabilities available
  • Annual maintenance is 20% of one-time license fee and includes help line support and system upgrades
  • No hidden costs!

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